A modular approach to new homes

We’ve developed a modular design system to create a highly energy-efficient home that’s adaptable to any block, orientation and size, with flexible materials and fit-out options to suit any budget.

You might want to check out our video which gives an overview of Jigsaw’s modular approach, or for detailed information about the system and how it works, keep reading below or download our brochures.

Here’s an overview of some of our first Jigsaw Modular homes.

Claire's House

Claire’s House is a thoughtful, well-conceived response to the challenge of designing a first home with consideration for affordability and adaptability over time.

Stray Leaf House

The clients, site, and brief for this little house in Forde aligned perfectly with our core modular philosophy; providing a simplified process for smart, high performance homes with small footprints and affordable price tags.

Watsons' House

Year-round comfort, energy efficiency, and a cost-effective build were central to the brief for this young family’s home in Wright.

Nelson House

Set on a small block in the newly developed suburb of Wright, we worked closely with the homeowner to create this high-performance modular home.

The Joan

Built on a wonderful north facing block with mountain views from its generous sun soaked front courtyard, this ‘off-the-plan’ modular home has now finished construction. Photos coming soon.

Making sustainable housing achievable

Jigsaw developed the modular concept during a 2011 community workshop series. The challenge was to create a cost-effective, 8 star home, featuring the key design priorities identified by the local people who attended: light, warmth, connection to the outdoors and good social space.

We discovered that we could distill the essential parts of a home into cost-effective modules – living, sleeping, utility – that can be arranged to suit a variety of block shapes and orientations, creating highly functional and energy efficient homes.

How the modular system works

The modular process allows us to simplify, but not compromise, individualised design to create a home to match your particular needs and site, and the demands of the Canberra climate.

Creating your modular home

Start by considering what type of modules you want in your home, imagining which options suit your family and lifestyle best. Once you've chosen the modules you need, the Jigsaw design team will configure them into a home to suit your lifestyle and your block.

Modular Q&A

Comparing housing options can be difficult as inclusions, energy efficiency features and construction quality can vary greatly. We've compiled responses to a list of common questions about Jigsaw Modular to help you in your research.