A collaboration of trusted professionals

Jigsaw Housing, formed in 2010, is a collaboration between experienced builder Tom Henderson, award-winning architect Andrew Verri and energy efficiency consultant and science communicator, Jenny Edwards.

Jenny Edwards, Scientist

Jenny, a Director and the Science Team Leader at Jigsaw, has used her science training in a variety of roles: from research and education to public relations and policy. Her former energy efficiency consulting business – Scinergy – won the ACT Sustainable Cities Energy Innovation Award in 2010. She is an ACT licensed Building Energy Efficiency Assessor. Jenny is still Director of the company Jigsaw Housing Pty Ltd, now trading as the business Light House architecture and science and can be contacted at contact@lighthouseteam.com.au.

ACT Building Assessor Class A – Energy Efficiency Lic No. 2011198
Bach. Science, Mast. Science, Grad Cert. Env. Health
ACT Women in Construction – Outstanding in Industry Award 2015

Andrew Verri, Architect

Andrew, a founding Director and the Design Team Leader at Jigsaw, is an award-winning architect who has been an active member of the Australian Institute of Architects for over 10 years, serving on its sustainability and practice committees. He is passionate about design, efficiency and buildability, believing all three elements must be addressed in future buildings. Andy is establishing a new business Think Make Enjoy.
Architect ACT Reg No. 2221
Bach. Architecture, Mast. Architecture
ACT Emerging Architect 2013

Tom Henderson, Builder

Tom, a founding Director and the Construction Team Leader at Jigsaw, trained as a carpenter in Denmark, and holds both an ACT and a NSW builder’s licence. In 2005 he established Tom Henderson Design and Construction (THDC). Working with leading architects, THDC created energy-efficient homes to the highest standards of construction, quality and performance. Tom is now the Director of 35 Degrees Pty Ltd which specialises in energy efficient project homes and he can be contacted at tomh@35d.com.au.

ACT Builder Class C Lic No. 2005546 & NSW Builder Lic No. 175894C
CertIII Carpentry, CertIV Building, Dip. & Adv. Dip. Business Management