When it comes to owning pets, there’s virtually no downside. You’re paired with your very own instant fluffy best friend. However, within that sentence, there’s one word that sends off alarm bells, “fluffy”. No matter what kind of pet you own, be it a dog, cat, or even a tiny little guinea pig, essentially all shed an insane amount of hair, and this hair then coats your entire house. Due to the size and sheer volume, it can be difficult to properly clean it, or if you do, it becomes an astronomical-sized task, with pet owners often having to clean their home thoroughly, just about every day in order to have some semblance of cleanliness. This is where the Bissell pet vacuums come in. They’re no ordinary vacuum range, they’re tailored to your pet to ensure a much easier clean-up process, meaning you can get back to what you love doing the most, caring for your little furry friend.

But what exactly makes them so good? In this review, we’ll provide our take on the Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet reviews and delve into what makes the Bissell vacuum range so superior, and how it can support your day-to-day life as a pet owner.

Deep Cleaning Without The Deep Cleaning Time

A task pet owners are often found doing, is deep cleaning their homes. Pet hair might seem relatively low risk, but at best it’s inconvenient and at worst it’s dangerous. Along with the hair fallout can be dead skin cells and even bacteria, and that building up in your home can cause itchy skin, eyes and nose, and can eventually make its way into your lungs. As such, deep cleaning seems like the only way to ensure these problems stay away, but this is timely and deeply inconvenient for the average person. Whilst looking at the various products for this Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet review, we found that there were several different vacuums and machines that were tailored to different parts of the house, making the whole cleaning process a whole lot more streamlined and convenient, as opposed to spending hours cleansing your space.

The Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Upright Carpet washer in particular is a bestseller for a reason. This unique machine is able to remove dirt and stains from your carpet, a notorious breeding ground for dirt and bacteria, whilst also powerfully cleaning, for a stain-free, fresh space. It has both a deep clean and an express clean mode, depending on how much time you need to allot to your pet-related problem, and comes with a number of extensions, so that you can quickly and with ease eliminate the mess.

3 in 1 stair tool

Eliminates Inconvenience

Whilst the carpet washer certainly is a standout, it’s far from the only highlight of the range. Products like the Crosswave Cordless Max make life considerably easier, no longer do you need to choose between having a clean space and owning a pet. This revolutionary product both vacuums and washes at the same time, which is virtually unheard of for any cleaning technology not geared towards pets. This product has been made with the animal lovers amongst us in mind and can clean both hardwood floors and rugs, so no longer will there be the inconvenience of switching between machines in order to adequately clean your home. And, with a cordless set-up, you can take it anywhere, that means up and down stairs, with complete ease.

Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Review

Portable For Messes You Can’t Avoid

It seems as though the Bissell pet range has thought of everything, with products geared towards your every need within the home, your home will surely be spotless and hygienic. However, what happens when there is an accidental spill somewhere outside of your house? Perhaps at another home, or within the car, animals aren’t perfect and sometimes messes are inevitable. Well, Bissell has considered that too, and they’ve come up with a solution. With a range of portable products, you can now clean on the go. The Spotclean Portable And Upholstery Carpet Washer is a favourite amongst pet owners.

This is for those times when a mess is inevitable and you don’t have access to your usual arsenal of tools. It removes spots and stains of just about any kind, quickly and without a mess, use it on anything from a carpet or rug, to upholstery or your car. Pet owners no longer need to live with the stress of what to do when those unexpected and inevitable messes pop up at inconvenient times. And, with its slim and compact design, it’s never been easier to keep your spaces clean. We recommend leaving it in your car and taking it with you during longer expeditions where your four-legged best friend will be by your side, then should any accidents arise, you have the answer. This simple but effective product is perhaps one of the most necessary in the range, as it is always best to expect the unexpected, especially with pets.

 Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet vacuum

Being the parent to a pet is thoroughly rewarding, but even the most rewarding tasks have their trials, and the dirt, mess, hair and bacteria that are dragged inside after a long walk are what you sign up to deal with when you become a pet owner. But, just because it is inevitable, doesn’t mean you just have to allow it to fester. The Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet range is without a doubt the piece de resistance in pet cleaning technology. It allows you to rid yourself of entire days spent cleaning, and instead, quickly, effectively, and conveniently clean up any messes, big or small with the help of a tailored product. So, if you’re looking for a range that will streamline your cleaning routine and allow you to get back to loving your pet, this is the range for you.

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