Even as Summer approaches here in Australia, with another La Nina year hitting, weather can be vastly unpredictable. So, to guarantee comfort in the great outdoors year-round, an outdoor heater is an absolute essential. Of course, when you go to investigate outdoor heating options, it can feel overwhelming and confusing.

Which one will suit your respective environment and needs? We have a look at the very best outdoor heaters from Heatstrip’s range of radiant wall outdoor heaters and help you to understand which are the best outdoor heaters in Australia. Which of these will fight the cold weather and keep you cosy, no matter what time of year?

heatstrip classic

1. Heatstrip Classic

Price: $599.00 – $799.00

This Australian-designed and engineered heater is named the classic for a reason, its sleek design is as stylish as it is effective. This doesn’t have to simply be a hidden-away heater in your outdoor entertainment area, but a functional feature to be displayed.


  • The Heatstrip Classic heater is Australian-designed and manufactured. When you purchase you know you’re getting a high-quality product created by a company that has produced it with Australian climates in mind
  • Its stylish and sleek design means that it not only looks attractive but doesn’t obstruct your alfresco area or patio.
  • This heater is corrosion protected, making it ideal for areas with temperamental climates. And, even in the unlikely event of damage, there is a 2-year residential warranty and a 1-year commercial warranty on your Heatstrip Classic heater.


  • As this is a smaller heater, for larger areas it may be suitable for you to purchase more than one for maximum comfort.

heatstrip intense

2. Heatstrip Intense

Price: $499.00 – $599.00

The Heatstrip Intense heater is the stronger older brother of the classic. This is the best outdoor heater for an exposed area in a chillier climate, this product can blend into the ceiling for a cosy and seamless heating approach.


  • This is the ideal heater for cooler climates due to its high heating capacity, as well as rooms with hard-to-reach and heat ceilings.
  • The Carbon filament infra-red heating element provides almost instantaneous heating, so there is no uncomfortable waiting period whilst you wait for your space to warm up.
  • Comes with a 2-year residential and 1-year commercial warranty, so in the small instance there is an issue, it will be repaired without issue.


  • Its intense heating capacity may make it too severe for enclosed spaces. For a similar product, that is slightly less intense, we would recommend the Heatstrip Classic.

Heatstrip Max

3. Heatstrip Max

Price: $499.00 – $599.00

The Heatstrip Max is the ideal heater for those harsh Australian climates. Being Australian-designed and engineered, this heater has been created with our unique environment in mind and can withstand the sometimes temperamental elements parts of the country face.


  • This is the best outdoor heater, as the high-temperature radiant heater will keep anything from your verandah, courtyard, or even warehouse, perfectly heated and comfortable, no matter what time of year.
  • Thanks to the anodized alloy casing, the Heatstrip Max is corrosion-resistant, making it perfect for areas with temperamental climates.
  • It has unique “low glow” lighting, meaning you won’t be stuck with a glaring blinding light in order to heat up your space.


  • Only one of the two models is able to be installed on your own, the other requires a licensed electrician. This makes it slightly less time-efficient if you’re looking to install and set up quickly.

heatstrip nano

4. Heatstrip Nano

Price: $269.00

The perfect product for those who just want to ensure their space will remain temperature controlled, no matter what time of year, this cost-effective option is ideal for climates that are relatively mild. It can also double as an indoor heater for areas like your bathroom.


  • This is one of the most affordable in the Heatstrip range.
  • It is a simple DIY installation, so no need for an electrician.
  • Despite its small size, due to the Carbon filament infra-red element, this is a small but mighty product. It provides instant and powerful heat.


  • Although this is ideal for smaller spaces, for a larger outdoor area, it may not be powerful enough, in this case, you might want to purchase a product like the Heatstrip Max. This provides more heat whilst still retaining that Sleek appearance.

heatstrip portable lpg gas heater

5. Heatstrip Portable LPG Gas Heater

Price: $899.00

This gas heater is ideal for an event space. It is able to be quickly installed and just as easily taken down. Use it to heat up commercial spaces, or larger outdoor areas within residential homes. Perfect for climates that do not need year-round heating, but do require it during the Winter months.


  • The various components come to you already sub-assembled, making for a simple overall DIY installation.
  • It is portable, making it the perfect heater choice for events with an outdoor area, as well as commercial businesses that cannot have a stagnant heating system due to constant changing in the layout.
  • This product comes with a Protective grille and reflector, meaning you can safely and conveniently install it without an electrician.


  • This product requires a 500mm overhead clearance in order to function for the standard heat reflector that is supplied with the heater. And, for the low clearance mounting it requires 300mm overhead clearance, so it is not suitable for areas with low ceilings, or indoors.

heatstrip tf

6. Heatstrip TF2200RB

Price: $499.00

This electronic heater is the best outdoor heater for those who prioritise aesthetics as much as they prioritise functionality, the clean lines and black design means it blends into the walls it’s mounted on. Perfect for an outdoor space created solely for entertaining.


  • This is one of the more inexpensive options in the Heatstrip heating range.
  • Its design is sleek and streamlined, making it ideal for bathrooms, as well as indoor, outdoor kitchen and dining areas.
  • It is an all-black heater, meaning there is no inconvenient glow.


  • It requires a specific mounting, working best at an overhead position, rather than a wall mounting.
  • It is exclusive to Costco, making it less conveniently accessible. If you’re looking for a more accessible product that still maintains the simple, black appearance, the Heatstrip Classic is a fantastic alternative.

heatstrip wall mounted natural gas: lpg heater

7. Heatstrip Wall Mounted Natural Gas/LPG Heater

Price: $699.00

This gas heater is a stylish addition to your outdoor space, although it may stand out more than an all-black option, it is the best outdoor heater for withstanding tough elements and is known for its top-of-the-range design aesthetics, heat output and performance.


  • This product comes with a 2-year residential and 1-year commercial warranty.
  • The wall mounting bracket that comes with it, allows for it to be mounted at various different angles.
  • It has a world-class wind protection rating, rated at 16 kilometres an hour, making it ideal for windy and temperamental climates.


  • Its stainless steel design means it may stand out slightly more in specifically designed alfresco dining areas. For a classic, black style, the Heatstrip TF2200RB is a popular option


Outdoor heaters are the ideal solution to ensuring you stay comfortable in your alfresco dining or entertaining spaces no matter what time of year it is. Heatstrip provides numerous options, all of which will suit a unique environment without compromising on aesthetics. Having read through the pros and cons of each of the products, we hope that you can go into the buying process with an informed mindset, understanding what’s important to you, such as aesthetics, or overall power, and come out with a Heatstrip heating product that best suits your needs and climate.

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