When did garden party ideas go out of style?

The answer is never, they’ve just been replaced with casual house parties or nights out in town at fancy restaurants. But, we’re here to restore the garden party to its former glory!

Garden parties are the perfect celebration that has all the comforts of home, without needing to mop the floors the next day. So, if an outdoor bonanza sounds right up your alley and you’re just unsure what kind to shindig to throw, you’re in luck.

We’re here to explore 8 different garden party ideas in Australia. Ranging from an extremely adult affair to a lazy Summer night get-together, if this sounds like your kind of thing, then read on to explore the very best that garden parties have to offer!


1. The Grown Up Kids Garden Party

Think back to the days of your childhood, memories of mudpies and magic potions come to mind. Who knows what these fantastical creations were actually made of, but goodness it was fun. As you plopped yourself on the grass, hidden away in a secret corner of the garden, the part that’s only accessible to children, you could spend hours talking about the silliest things with your friends, dressed in anything from a fairy costume to a fireman get-up. Really, what’s better than being a kid? We’ll tell you, having the imagination of a child with the bank account of an adult! Recreate the wonders of childhood under a 10m marquee hire that takes the place of the blanket you would hang up over your head to shield your secret hideaway. Make modern-day mud pies with chocolate mousse and fudge, and magic potion-themed cocktails. Decorate the table with flowers and tiny toys that evoke memories of when you were small and enjoy the company of friends that bring out your inner child.

2. The Proper Adult Garden Party

Directly juxtaposing your inner child, is that need to be a “proper adult”. You know the kind, they were what your parents were when you were small. They were the teachers teaching you your ABCs or 123s. They were the office workers in pressed suits or pencil skirts and high heels. These were the grown-ups you marvelled at when you were small, you didn’t know much but you knew they had their life together in a way you one day hoped to. In this garden party, you’ll make this dream a reality, pressed white cloths will cover the tables, and crystal glasses and long-stemmed candles will decorate the perfectly placed set-up. The dress code will call for crisp collars and court shoes, and everybody will eat with the correct forks, at the correct time. Everything will be impeccable, as you play the perfect, proper adult at your grown-up garden party, the kind you thought adults had when you used to dream of being one.

3. Floral Fever Garden Party

One of the best parts of a garden party is the decoration aspect. Not only are you eating a delicious meal, surrounded by your nearest and dearest but you’re situated at a beautiful table, decorated to perfection. There are endless themes for which to adorn the space, but why not embrace the setting you’re in and decorate with florals? Enhance the setting with hazy shades of purples, pinks and greens. With floaty floral arrangements pulling focus to the centre of the table. If you want to go the extra mile, create a unique posy for each guest, almost like a special party favour. Shroud the party in a marquee garnished with bouquets and hazy pastel hues. You’ll be left with an almost ethereal feel that’ll delight guests and make for a divine afternoon in the garden.

4. The Dress-Up Garden Party

Sometimes, it’s fun to play dress-ups, but not the kind where you sprout a pair of wings or animal ears, but rather the kind where you pop on a gown with a silky silhouette and sparkling accessories to adorn the look. Men parade around in crisp suits and women in their dreamy dresses, with jewel-toned shades dressing the table. Cups in crystalised cobalt blue, floral centrepieces in deep indigo and plates and bowls in tones of emerald green. If frozen in time, this garden party looks like a modern-day interpretation of one of the fantastical parties described in The Great Gatsby. So, what would be served at such a fancy affair? Spaghetti bolognese, of course, that or fish and chips. The fancier the setting, the more casual and comforting the food.

5. The Not So Garden – Garden Party

A garden is such a lovely place for a party. The flowers, the green grass, the soft and homely feel. There’s a reason they’re so popular. But, sometimes we all need a change of scenery. So, pack up your fold-up table, your flat-pack chairs, and your marquee, and head on over to the beach. The beach is far from a one-trick pony for you to spread your towel and sunbathe, it’s also a stunning setting for a get-together. Take advantage of the setting with water-themed accessories. Crystal blue cups and mother-0f-pearl saucers, fish and chips on the menu and a no-shoes-allowed dress code. You’ll be blessed with front-row seats to the best sunset views in town and an enviable atmosphere as that salty air scent surrounds your senses.

6. The Wedding Garden Party

If you’re looking for a sweet and unpretentious way to commemorate a wedding, what better way than to have a garden party celebration? If you’ve already got plans for the big day but this steal sounds appealing, why not make it a pre or post-nuptials event? Line the table with white linen tablecloths and long-stemmed white candles. Use classic cutlery and crockery and line the marquee with twinkling lights mimicking the stars. This is perfect for a post-wedding get-together with your groomsmen, bridal party and family. Or a pre-wedding party to really accelerate the excitement for the big day.

7. The After-Dark Garden Party

Everybody knows that the atmosphere of a party gets 100 times better once the sun goes down. Whilst most garden parties tend to happen during daylight hours, it’s time to dial up the moodiness as you dial down the sunlight. Set the mood with fairy lights, and a mix of long-stemmed and tealight candles. Sip mulled wine and dive into decadent chocolate sundaes. When the lights go out, all rules of conventional dining go with it. Enjoy the company of close friends and good conversation, whilst you cuddle in close within your twinkling light-filled port in the storm.

8. The Summer Solstice Garden Party

The thing with garden parties is they tend to take place outside. Whilst this can sound dreamy and idyllic when you conjure up images of lilac flowers and a soft, white marquee housing a banquet of friends and food. However, if you plan this garden party for the middle of winter, this seemingly perfect image you have in your head can be ruined by wild and wet weather. So with that in mind, the perfect time for a garden party celebration is on the day of the summer solstice. Celebrate the return of the warmth with an outdoor affair that ushers in the new season the way it deserves. Bites of marinated prawns, bowls of sorbet and brightly coloured cocktails will feature and bright pastel tones will decorate the tables and chairs. Enjoy the sunset of a lazy summer night and bask in the thrill that there are many more to come.

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