A bathroom is a hugely important room in a house. Not only is it a space of relaxation and cleanliness, but it’s also unique in that at some point, everyone in the house (and some guests too) will be using it. Although aesthetic appeal isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of a bathroom, there have been wonderful advances in the realm of bathroom vanity design.

Modern design conventions are becoming more popular due to their attractive features and practical elements. In fact, you might even say that no luxury bathroom design is complete without incorporating modern vanity styles and modernist features into the bathroom architecture. If you’re looking for a remodel of your bathroom to update into something a little more modern, consider the following options:

1. The Multi-Vanity:

One of the most irritating things in the world can be when you need the bathroom and someone you share your house with is hogging it all morning. If you’ve got a living arrangement with a big house, or share an ensuite with a bathroom-monopolising significant other, then the multi-vanity is a great solution for you.

Due to the extra demands in basin size or the number of basins, this kind of vanity requires quite a bit more space, however if you’ve got it why not use it? The installation of a second basin and mirror, or an extra long basin, called a “trough” basin or sink, can be a massively useful feature if you constantly find yourself getting shut out of your bathroom.

These beautiful types of vanities have two effects on your vanity. First, they look unique. This style can be a talking point for people new to your home, and they look really gorgeous. Second, they increase efficiency. Now two people can do their hair, brush their teeth, wash hands, or follow their beautification routine. The increase in practical space is a huge benefit on its own, that just becomes more worth it when the aesthetics of it is taken into account.

2. The Minimalist Aesthetic

Minimalism is a design concept based around using only what is essential. It may feel weird to apply this concept to a bathroom, after all there’s so much in there, soap, soap refills, personal hygiene products, shampoo, conditioner, loofahs, etc. But minimalism can work, and it can really bring out the beauty in a space. When you engage in the minimalist aesthetic, the design elements of the room are able to speak out for themselves since the eyes are able to focus on them rather than the clutter around the room.

Minimalism in a bathroom is simple enough to achieve, it’s simply a matter of having enough storage space for the things you need and making their access as efficient as possible. Install a long cupboard that doesn’t take up much space, create a storage space under your sink or behind your mirror, create a compartment within the shower for your essentials.

3. The Antique-Inspired Design

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of age. After all, time is constantly passing, but just because something is inspired by an older era doesn’t mean it can’t look modern. Modern design is usually characterised by clean lines and geometric shapes. These figures create a pleasing eyeline and offer effective design. However, when blended with a more antiquated aesthetic, modern design can be accentuated through a marriage of past and present. The hard edges of cabinets and mirrors can be done in marble to offer an aged, opulent feel. Brushed gold or wrought iron bathroom fixtures further contrast against and accentuate the distinctive lines and shapes of modern design.

4. The Floating Vanity

A Floating Vanity is rather less magical than it sounds but it’s no less beautiful. “Floating” in this context just means that the basin, which is what is actually meant by “vanity”, is on top of the bench rather than inside it. This offers several distinct advantages from a design perspective.

First, it reduces splash-back and water mess, because the walls of the basin can be raised higher than they would be in an in-built basin. Second, it allows you to build your basin out of different materials than its surroundings, allowing you to turn your sink into a beautiful, eye-catching piece of interior design.

5. Natural Design Elements

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of nature. Especially in modern design. Natural elements can enhance the visual feast of a modern design in a bathroom. Natural materials such as stone and timber can enhance hard, straight lines, and soften curved shapes. Also natural materials benefit from a large amount of natural light, and when the sun hits these elements just right, your bathroom will be a sight to behold.

But it doesn’t just stop at the materials and room elements of your bathroom. Adding a plant or two to a vanity can really increase the feeling of brightness in a room and add depth to its appearance. Bringing a little bit of the outside world inside can have wonderful effects on the aesthetic of your bathroom.

6. The Mid Century Modern

Antique pieces of furniture can be a great set piece for a bathroom remodelling. Mid Century benches and basins are incredibly popular in modern design. They serve to accentuate and offset modernity’s hard lines and geometry, with softer, more elegant designs. These pieces may sometimes suffer from wear-or-tear, but if you’re into shabby-chic aesthetics then that’s no big issue. Otherwise you can have your midcentury piece restored and made into a wonderful design element to your new and beautiful modern bathroom.

7. The Pastels And Pinks

Just because a luxury bathroom design is upscale doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty. After all, a bathroom is usually the room people go through their daily routine, which may include a variety of beautification processes. If you’re making yourself feel pretty in the bathroom, why can’t your bathroom be a space that feels pretty itself? Modern design usually uses lighter, muted tones anyway, there’s no reason to not theme your bathroom vanity around the brightest of these.

Tiles can oscillate in a sea of pastel patterns and tones. Mosaic can adorn your vanity bench and accentuate your basin and tap designs. After all, modern design consists largely of hard shapes, why not introduce a little softness to the situation through a pretty colour palette. The gentle colour palette can really make the bolder elements of modernity pop, especially where a vanity with a mirror is concerned! Sometimes this aesthetic can be derided as “girly”. Well we don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little “girliness” in any space.

8. The Neutral Design

You can kind of consider this a repeat of point 2 but we think that the concept of neutrality doesn’t necessarily mean minimalist. Where minimalism is about keeping the eye free of extraneous clutter, neutral design is about maintaining a vastly toned-down space, allowing other room design elements to really shine through. In this regard, the entire room becomes a display for the items within it.

Neutral tones that blend together, typically white and grey, are used in order to create a certain kind of “emptiness”. Once this void feeling is achieved you can start moving things in. A boldly coloured basin, chrome taps, brushed nickel showerheads, a beautiful stone bathtub. Design neutrality allows you to create a truly unique space, not by minimising clutter the way minimalist design does, but by revealing the luxury of your objet d’art.

Furthermore, a bathroom vanity can be so beautiful in a neutral space. When you put plants or bright coloured bottles of soap or face wash on the bench around your basin, the colours will not only be enhanced by the neutrally-coloured walls, but the walls will actually reflect that colour in high light situations.

Modern Luxury And Fresh Designs

People spend a lot of time in their bathrooms. Depending on what’s going on in there they can either be a space of work or of perfect relaxation. The morning or evening routines can provide a good start to a productive morning. It’s amazing what a good shower can do for the constitution and the mind. However when life is proving a little rougher than usual, there’s nothing quite like slipping into a warm bath, turning down the lights and just soaking in the suds.

Whatever the case, the bathroom is a space that sees a lot of use, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be designed to be simultaneously functional and beautiful. Function helps in the efficiency of daily routine, and beauty enhances the feeling of security and relaxation.

A bathroom remodel can be a huge project but if you’re considering modern design for your bathroom, then why not check out some influences of the above? These eight bathroom vanity designs offer luxury surroundings, and if you find the right retailers they can be quite cost effective too.

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